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The Dubai skyline (100cm x 100cm) & Connect the dots (50cm x 50cm) (Espresso Brown) / Duo set

The Dubai skyline (100cm x 100cm) & Connect the dots (50cm x 50cm) (Espresso Brown) / Duo set

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Introducing our innovative art pieces designed to captivate your imagination on luxurious silk canvas. With this exquisite duo of scarves, we invite you to engage in a playful exploration with us – a journey blending artistic expression, creativity, and fashion.

Included in this set is our iconic "The Dubai skyline" silk scarf, measuring 100x100cm, alongside the charming "Connect the dots" silk scarf, sized 50x50cm. Embark on an artistic adventure that transcends boundaries and connects dots of inspiration.

Color: Espresso Brown / Golden Beige / Classy Red.

The artwork is specially made for LUMENA MAISON.

Designed in the UAE. Made in Italy.

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The inspiration behind

"The Dubai skyline" (100cm x 100cm)

In the threads of this silken canvas lies more than a mere portrayal of Dubai’s skyline; it encapsulates the intersection of time and space, a convergence of destinies etched into the fabric of existence. The majestic silhouette of Burj Khalifa stands tall, a testament to human aspiration to reach for celestial heights, while the map coordinates of it whisper secrets of a place both tangible and ethereal.

Dubai is a city where the sands of tradition meet the skyline of innovation, where each line drawn on this scarf echoes a story told by the desert winds. The dunes, like soft waves frozen in time, cradle the city’s ambitions, a reminder that amidst the bustling urbanity, nature’s serene embrace endures.

Dubai is the metropolis that mirrors the human spirit’s relentless pursuit, but more profoundly, a haven where the echoes of our aspirations harmonize with the melodies of like-minded souls. Like the intricate patterns of this scarf, it binds us in an invisible weave, a tapestry of shared dreams, connecting us to a place that feels like the embrace of kindred spirits — a place we call home.


"Connect the dots" (50cm x 50cm)

Take a closer look, and you’ll discover that this abstract painting is playing a subtle game of "Connect the dots" with the Dubai skyline, encouraging the mind to wander through the city’s intricate lines. It’s a canvas brimming with possibilities, a visual symphony celebrating the harmony between dreams and reality.

Yet beyond its artistic allure lies a deeper essence — a tribute to a place that transcends mere numbers and dots. It’s a refuge where the heart finds peace, where like-minded souls unite in a puzzle of shared visions. This place isn’t just a spot on a map; it’s a state of existence — a sanctuary that, once found, feels like home. Here, connections aren’t just formed; they're intricately woven into the very essence of our beings.
May this scarf signify more than just an accessory; let it serve as a bridge to that sacred space — a reminder that no matter where we are, we’re forever tethered to the sanctuaries within our hearts.


"The Dubai skyline" (100cm x 100cm) and "Connect the dots" (50cm x 50cm)

As this scarf is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may slightly vary.


100% silk twill.


Your order will arrive in our signature envelope with a gift bag.

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10% of proceeds from each scarf sold on our website will be donated to Al Jalila Foundation to support cancer treatment for women and children.

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